We All Have Wings

Parents' Choice Awards : Music

This gentle family CD, rounded out with traditional folk tunes, makes a plea for open hearts and open minds ("Coloring Outside the Lines," "Don't Laugh at Me"). Observing that even small actions can make the world a better place ("We Can Make a Difference"), folk music artist Michael Stern maintains the album's peaceful spirit down through the final track, a lovely late 19th century lullaby, "Sleep Kentucky Babe." Lynne Heffley ©2009 Parents' Choice Read review >

Released 2010 - on DVD only

1. Coloring Outside the Lines
2. Don’t Laugh at Me
3. A Little Bit of You
4. My Brother Thinks He is a Chicken
5. We Can Make a Difference
6. Uncle Joe
7. Love All Around the World
8. Schools, Écoles, Schule, Escuelas, Truong
9. Peace Like a River
10. How Beautiful is the Green Earth
11. Waltzing With Bears
12. Healing Water
13. La-la-lullaby
14. Sleep Kentucky Babe

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